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The Netherton Cut to Coombeswood


A creative audio trail written and narrated by Heather Wastie (2021)

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A creative audio trail celebrating the history of the Dudley No 2 Canal, based on a 2.5 mile walk between Windmill End junction and Coombes footbridge. 



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Sound design and voice:
Sam Frankie Fox

Sam Frankie Fox & Heather Wastie

Mixing and mastering:
Fox & Rocha

Interviews recorded by Heather Wastie & Kate Saffin

Luke Perry sculpture recordings by Roger Noons

Extracts from Vivian Bird’s ‘By Lock and Pound’ recorded by Fabian Hiscock

Incorporating information provided by Coombeswood Canal Trust, including their downloadable guide (PDF) http://www.hawnebasin.org.uk/

Stories sent in:

Memories of Dudley No2 Canal by Philip Adams
Trains and Boats and Planes by Nick Bate
Dudley No 2 line reminiscences by Nick Bate
Memories of Gerald Darby

Transcription of audio here

Project supported by Creative Black Country as part of Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places scheme, Paycare and Black Country Living Museum. 

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