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Stories from and about women who helped save Black Country canals, from the end of the Second World War to the 1970s.

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The Black Country has some 100 miles of canals, many of which exist today thanks to dedicated campaigners who wouldn’t give up when they fell into disrepair. There are lots of written accounts, but until now they have mostly focused on the role played by men. Alarum Productions have collected together a wealth of stories from and about women in the Black Country and beyond, from the end of the Second World War to the 1970s. This book is a journey in words and images –from the early days of campaigning, through childhood recollections by locals, to stories of how women first got involved and first hand accounts of what they achieved.

“…rich with detail, conveys the grittiness and romance of life on the canals and gives the women involved a great way of capturing and sharing their memories. A balanced, enjoyable, easy to read book which gives a voice to amazing women.”
(Traci Dix-Williams,Chief Executive,Dudley Canal and Tunnel Trust)

“…a wonderful evocation and celebration of the vital part that women volunteers played in saving and restoring the canals of the Black Country and the wider network.”
(Keith Hodgkins, chairman, Tipton Civic Society)

“It is a fascinating read -a book you can pickup at any time on any page, and immediately become engrossed.”
(Canals Online Magazine)


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