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After the interval: an audience survey

How you can help – and no, we’re not asking for money…

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After the Interval survey

Since 2016 we have proudly toured our shows across the UK. Now our tour planning is in limbo, as we play our part in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Although this is a challenging time for us all, it is also an opportunity for us to take some time to plan for when we begin to perform again, welcoming back our audiences and entertaining new ones.

We have no past experience to draw upon for a situation like this – so we really need to hear your thoughts on the current situation and how you feel about attending events again at some point.

We have worked with our partners, Indigo to develop a short online survey, which is available here. We would be very grateful if you would spare us a few minutes to complete it. Your responses are completely anonymous, and will be used to inform our own planning, as well as being added to responses from all over the UK to help produce a national picture.

Many thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at our shows again before too long.

Stay well

Kate & Heather

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