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Book A Show

Book Alarum Productions to perform at your venue

We currently have two shows available to book: Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways and Acts of Abandon.

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Both are ideally suited for performance in a studio theatre, boat club, history or women’s group or as part of a village or community event and can be performed as a full evening or as shorter shows of around 50 minutes each.

Covid safety: we appreciate that at the moment as we cautiously begin to approach live performance again you will want to be certain that any event you put on will be as safe as possible. For this reason we will discuss with you how to best to manage the show. For example, we can do a shorter one without an interval, or livestream it to create an online event. We can also advise you on best practice for an event based on guidelines the theatre industry is producing

We are completely self sufficient and only need a space to perform in – we have taken the show to pub gardens, marquees, historic buildings, boat clubhouses, village halls and community centres, even a brewery, so we are used to fitting into whatever space is available. We usually like to arrive about an hour and a half before the start time to familiarise ourselves with the space and to set up.

interested in booking a show?
We offer a range of different approaches to suit your setting and budget. This can be a flat fee – and you keep all the ticket takings – or a box office split where we share both the risk and the income.
We can also provide additional help and services such as:
• A4 posters and A5 or A6 (postcard) flyers personalised with your venue and show details
• Text and images to use on your website or Facebook page

• Marketing tips and support with promotion



If you’d like to have a chat about booking or to discuss possible dates contact us:

We’d love to bring our show to your community but we promise there will be no hard sell!