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Final week of the tour!

Over the last 14 weeks we’ve experienced a lot of what the original trainees would have gone through; stemming up, breasting up, learning to splice ropes, steering round sharp bends … and lots of modern day trainees have joined us throughout the journey too. There are still a few opportunities to join us as we continue back to London.

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We now find ourselves with just three performances left: this coming Monday and Tuesday at the Rising Sun, Berkhampsted, and our final performance of the tour at The Pirate Castle, Camden next Saturday, so do book your tickets! All shows start at 7:30pm. If you’ve seen and enjoyed the show and have friends in London, please let them know, as this will be the last time it will be performed there, and the last chance to see Tench and the show together!

We had a delightful evening at Frogmore Paper Mill last Thursday, with a fish and chip supper during the interval, and we presented our bag of Griff coal to the Mill. It will be on display for visitors, along with an explanation of how the coal would have been brought from Nuneaton to Apsley in order to power the paper mill when the machines used coal power. We had a fascinating tour of the museum, learnt how paper is made, and finally found out why we refer to capitals as Upper Case!

We’ve had so much fun, and many fascinating experiences during this trip, and have learned a great deal too, as our audiences have shared with us many of their own stories. We have also been joined by groups of artists, film-makers and journalists who are sharing our story still further. We could never have predicted that this project would become as big as it has, and are already talking about the future, and plans to tour again in 2018.

Do come and see us in Camden for some seriously well earned drinks after the show!

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