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Our first week

What a week!

Saturday was launch day, after which we travelled from Bull’s Bridge to Limehouse for the opening night (Monday) which was also press night. Three reviews followed, all pleasingly positive. Here’s an extract from one of them, Theatre Things:

“… an enjoyable retelling and great entertainment … a powerful reminder of the crucial role women played in keeping the country running during the war.”

“The enthusiasm of both ladies, who come from boating backgrounds themselves, is infectious; even someone as averse to audience participation as I am couldn’t resist joining in with the final chorus (though I wish it hadn’t been quite so catchy – it’s a difficult one to forget once you’ve learnt it).”

Click here for the full review: Theatre Things review

On Tuesday we performed at the Ragged School Museum and on Wednesday at the London Canal Museum, having locked through wind, hail and rain. The food http://alarumproductions.org.uk/2901-ivermectin-in-puppies-16288/ is then thrown into a cup for you to feed in to your dog. Buy liquid levitra 20mg is a kind of treatment to cure erectile dysfunction, men Cordenons can keep on having erectile dysfunction at the same time. Tadacip online uk is the right alternative for those who are plenty cap gabapin 100 looking for an exceptional generic tadacip. The antibiotic is used to treat infections of the mouth, gums and other areas of the mouth, throat http://walkalongway.com/9925-buy-chloroquine-canada-58362/ and esophagus. Ivermectin, moxidectin, stromectol cvs and selamectin are effective against scabies. Narrow boat Tench was expertly steered by Heather B, who managed to moor up outside the Museum without once touching the lines of boats either side of our allocated space. She also made an excellent departure (though Kate managed to plant a shaft in the mud and had to go back to retrieve it …)

Two reviewers came along to Wednesday’s show and one of them (London City Nights) wrote this:

“Both women are exceptional storytellers, their performances brimming over with personality and linguistic virtuosity.”  Full review here: London City Nights review

Audiences have been good-sized and enthusiastic – our comments book is full of positive feedback and email addresses for our mailing list. For more reviews, photos and news, go to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/alarumtheatre/

Now we’re gearing up for Cavalcade tomorrow!

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