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We couldn’t have done it without you

Happy New Year from team Alarum! We’re currently looking ahead to touring plans for 2018 (more information shortly – or keep up to date with progress by browsing the rest of our shiny new website), and we’ve also been reflecting on the past year. It’s been an adventure and as ever we’re very grateful for your support and continued interest in the Idle Women project – we couldn’t have done it without you! In 2017 our ambitious plan, to recreate […]

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BBC Countryfile

BBC Countryfile have been interested in featuring the work of ‘The Idle Women’ for some time now. They contacted Canal & River Trust a while back and the Trust put the researcher in touch with us. The first discussions came to nothing, but when they contacted us again with an idea for their Remembrance Sunday edition, it all looked more promising. They said they wanted to film on the Grand Union Canal somewhere in the West Midlands. After a little […]

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