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Rewriting Richard: the final week


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Well, here we are in the final week before Now is the Winter is on at the RSC The Other Place – time has whizzed by. Susi Dalton has done a fantastic job of bringing a new slant to the play. We’ve had a preview at the Unicorn theatre in Abingdon and the clarity of Helen McGregor’s storytelling wowed the entire audience.  However, it’s not easy getting the word out and about and selling tickets for one night only show – even if it is at the RSC! So that’s where all my effort is going this week whilst Susi and Helen work on the final polishing.

Susi writes…

We have had 2 rehearsals this week and adapted the play into another interesting space for the performance at the European school on Friday. The Hall is very big compared to the Unicorn and we have had to take volume and sight lines into account when we use the heavy curtains which we pull across the proscenium arch. This stage is quite high and it has been interesting to work with the audience location in mind –  sitting on the very edge of the stage swinging her legs is a nice picture.

And finally, here’s the all important ticket link!


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